2612568276918. Healthy Chemistry for Optimal Health

Healthy Chemistry for Optimal Health

Healthy Chemistry for Optimal Health

Healthy Chemistry for Optimal Health – The Relationship between the Biology and the Chemistry of the Blood The relationship of biology and blood chemistry in your life can be seen everywhere. If you may observe, chemicals are all around us and they all contribute to many uses.

Our body also is composed of different chemicals that are necessary for proper function. This includes sustaining life, which biology is all about. Find out the relationship between biology and chemistry of the blood, and how it can nourish and sustain your life.

Even these letters are made up of series of chemicals to make it readable. The computer you are using is made up of chemicals from the monitor to the internal hardware.

In fact, all the things you see are chemically structured to give a specific function. Actually, you can think about all the things in the world and all of them definitely have a unique chemical composition.

However, the most important thing to understand is its relationship to your blood chemistry, which defines how exactly your body performs.

The Relationship Defined

The relationship of biology to the chemistry of our blood involves three areas of science: genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology. These are interrelated to keep each body system functioning efficiently.

Here are their definition and works:

1. Genetics – the study of genes is one of the biological studies which aim to trace roots by means of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), where chemicals intertwine to create a unique structure for each individual.

2. Biochemistry – is defined as the study of a living organism’s body processes. Biochemistry is important in the field of biology as it focuses on the specific function of molecules in the body. These include organ functions, cellular structure and blood’s chemical components.

3. Molecular biology – derived from the word molecule, molecular biology focuses on the cell’s structure and function. It involves studying how a specific cell reacts to given conditions, how it replicates and makes use of the substances ingested in the body.

These three sciences are all related to the biological functions of our body and its relationship to your blood chemistry. When a certain chemical enters your body, it automatically reacts and alters the normal composition of the blood.

This may be harmful or medicinal, depending on the type of chemical. This is the reason why your body reacts to some chemicals differently.

Significance of Relationship

The relationship of biology and blood chemistry to the body is considered to be a whole new approach. With that, the application of it for therapeutic and healing purposes is called molecular medicine.

Molecular medicine involves many biological processes that include physical and chemical techniques to identify a specific health problem or provide ways of prevention. Sometimes, it also looks into a patient’s gene expression to determine the cause of current medical condition.

The relationship of biology and blood chemistry is not just important to sustain daily life, but to give progress to the surroundings as well. We all are interconnected with all these chemicals, either for the betterment of life or otherwise.

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