Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

Green Smoothie Cleanse

10-day green smoothie cleanse was designed to help you to achieve more in as little time as possible with fruits available in your local store. This book has helped many see their intended results without spending thousands of dollars on workout video tapes, equipment, or pills.

The 10-day cleanse not only cleans your liver to aid metabolism of fat but also protects you against various illnesses (up to three hundred known conditions and illnesses) such as stroke, poor eyesight, Alzheimer, breast cancer and improves blood circulation as well.

All recipes have been proven to work. All ingredients are carefully chosen and must be taken as directed, unless after the tenth day, you may wish to continue the diet for your general health. Only then may you twist the contents or swap the diet content. (“Weight Loss Shakes”)

All recipes have been evaluated to work for most conditions such as asthmatic, diabetic, obese patients. Which better way to torch fat than with a smoothie that also protects you from a lot more illnesses? Its only ten days!



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