Over breathing, or hyperventilation

Getting your breathing under control is the key to gaining control during a panic attack. Over breathing, or hyperventilation makes the intensity of the panic attack worse. It is both a symptom and a cause of the panic attack, so it is important to address it. (“Free Yourself from Panic Attacks”)

Many people who suffer from panic attacks tend to over breathe even when they are not experiencing a panic attack.

“I discovered a simple solution to my panic attacks was to focus on my breath, breathing in deeply and slowly then pushing my breath out consciously on the exhale.

I would repeat a phrase repeatedly to focus my breath which I made up but discovered was also an ancient Buddhist saying that was developed for meditation. I would think “breathe in love” on the inhale, and “breathe out fear” on the exhale. It would stop the panic attack from taking root and I learnt to use it the first hint of time I started to move into that cycle.” (“Free Yourself from Panic Attacks”) – Emma Chilster (34)

It is important to first realize that hyperventilating is just giving you too much oxygen. Because you are putting it into your body so fast, your body does not have enough carbon dioxide to counteract it. Because of this the body cannot use all the oxygen which makes you feel short of air. (“Free Yourself from Panic Attacks”)

If during a panic attack you feel lightheaded, dizzy, and giddy, short of breath and numb in your extremities with a tight chest and a thumping heart, then you are hyperventilating. You may also have clammy hands, a dry mouth and feel as if you are breaking into a sweat. You could be shivering and feel weak all over. (“Free Yourself from Panic Attacks”) You may want to sit down.

Breathing evenly and regularly will dissipate the problem. There are several easy methods to help you do this. (“Free Yourself from Panic Attacks – trans4mind.com”)

  1. Find a paper bag and breathe in and out into it. This means you get a bigger dose of carbon dioxide to compensate for the excess oxygen
  2. Stop breathing. Or hold onto the last breath you took and let the oxygen in your body move to the place it should be. If you can do this once or twice for ten to fifteen seconds, it should remove the problem (“Free Yourself from Panic Attacks”)
  3. Go for a run. Make your heart rate go up and you will be using up all that adrenaline too. (“Free Yourself from Panic Attacks”) Regular exercise also helps you to reduce stress levels overall.

Panic attacks are experienced by a vast range of people from all occupations. However, they do not need to be a life sentence and are treatable. “Learning to manage that first onset of panic will help free you and help you get your control back.” (“Free Yourself from Panic Attacks”)

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