Four Steps in the EFT Recipe

There are four steps in the EFT recipe. Two of these are the same – repeated to complete the process. (“Exploring EFT PLR Ebook | Private Label Rights”)

These are:

 STEP 1: The Setup

To make sure the recipe is going to work you need to get things ready. It is like making sure the oven is switched on, the mixing bowl is on the bench and all the muffin tins are ready for the batter. Without this the recipe is not going to work. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

Remember how our body is a set of delicate energy systems. To set up our meridians to get them ready for EFT, we need to make sure we are ready for the process. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

We can prevent it working by powering up our energy flow the wrong way. If you have ever gone to find a torch, and discovered the batteries are flat, put new ones in and discovered it is still not working then you may have discovered the problem of powering up electrical circuits wrong. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

The torch is not working because you have slipped the new batteries in the wrong way, and the polarity of + or – is off. Sometimes our polarity is off too. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”) It does not mean that we will not work completely but it does mean that we cannot fully work to our best capacity.

It is one reason sometimes conventional medicine does not work even when it is supposed to. “Losing weight, struggling with addictions all come from this polarity switch.” (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”) It is the basis for any self-sabotage or ruining of plans and preparation. It wars against our will and makes change difficult if at all.

It is caused by a wide and diverse range of negative self-talk that wears the body down and destructs our ability to function at full capacity. It tends to hinder EFT„s effectiveness in about two in every five cases. It does not necessarily create feelings along with it so many people are not aware it is even present. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

To get rid of it you need to unblock the issue and deal with it. If it is not there, no harm is done, but if it was then you have cleared the way for change, and it will have only taken around ten seconds of your time. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

All you need to do is repeat an affirmation three times while rubbing a spot in your chest area or tapping the karate chop point.

What is the Affirmation?

It is important our affirmations contain only positive statements. To counteract any blocks, we need to release a positive affirmation: Even though I have this (place issue here) I deeply and completely accept myself. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

The issue can be anything from a terrible migraine to chronic pain, to a fear of heights, to a struggle with weight loss. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”) “Use it for whatever the chief symptom being displayed is.” (“EFT – Where and How To Tap | My Healing Universe”)

The order of wording does not need to be identical, but the positivist of the affirmation needs to be strong and consistent. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”) You need to both acknowledge the problem and then create self-acceptance despite it.

If you say it with a fair amount of disbelief and lack of trust that it will work, it still will. The best way to say it is with feeling, clearly and with emphasis, but even if you just repeat it in a normal voice (especially if you are in public and do not want to draw attention to yourself) then it normally still works. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”) Saying it aloud works best, but people have found muttering it or saying it in your head still has some effect.

Case Study

Rebecca was sitting in a group detox meeting when the leader suggested they try some EFT for another person’s stress about workloads. The leader suggested they all did the tapping to keep the person company as it did not do any harm. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

Rebecca thought it looked silly and mumbled it under her breath and tapped haphazardly. She forgot all about until the next morning when she woke up with more energy than she had for a long time and a clear plan of action for her day. She powered through her own work completing a week’s work in a day. (“A Beginners Guide to Meridian Tapping – Feed Your Spirit”) She could not work out what the reason was.

It was not until the next day when she experienced the same level of productivity that she thought it might be the EFT. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”) She is since used it with the same levels of effectiveness to treat a long-term addiction. “She discovered saying it quietly and without power still made it work.” (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

The Sore Spot

As you say the affirmation you also need to rub the sore spot or tap the karate chop point. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

To find the sore spot move your fingertips to the base of your throat just below that soft unprotected part, resting your fingers on the bone there. Now move your fingers about ten centimeters down your chest bone and then ten centimeters to either the left or the right. You will know when you get there because pressing down on it is…SORE. If you press vigorously there it will hurt.

Rub this vigorously while you repeat the affirmation. It is sore because this is a part of your body where lymphatic congestion can occur. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”) As you rub it, it is like a massage, as the congestion becomes dispersed, the soreness goes away (but it will hurt a bit first). “If it really hurts you, lighten the pressure a little and relax it.” (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”) It is not meant to be unbearable!

If this is an area of concern to you, such as an operation site, or a long-term chronic heart condition then you can use the karate chop tapping instead. However otherwise this area is a good area to stimulate and is more effective than the karate chop as it is dispersing congestion. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

The Karate Chop Point

That edge of your hand you would use to break four or five bricks in one swoop is the karate chop point. It is on the outside of your write on either hand. Vigorously tap it with you dominate free fingers as you say the affirmation three times. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

So that Setup…

Now you have all the tools it is easy to complete the set-up part of the process. “Choose an affirmation and repeat it three times as you either rub the sore spot or tap the karate chop point.” (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”) Simple!

STEP 2: The Sequence

This is amazingly simple to complete. “All you need to do is tap your fingers on all the important meridian points.” (“EFT – Where and How To Tap | My Healing Universe”)

You can tap with either hand, using the tips of your index and middle fingers. Each point should be tapped around seven times as you repeat the reminder phrase at each point. Most of the points are in existence on both parts of the body and you can tap on either side, depending on what you most feel comfortable doing. (“A Beginners Guide to Meridian Tapping – Feed Your Spirit”)

“The meridians that have been selected have their end points close to the skin so are the most easily accessible.” (“A Beginners Guide to Meridian Tapping – Feed Your Spirit”)

The tapping points are as follows:

EB: at the beginning of the eyebrow

SE: at the outer side of the eyebrow on the bone outside the eye socket.

UE: under the eyebrow on the cheek bone, right under the middle of the eye.

UN: Under the nose and before your top lip

“CH: Just below the lip and just before your chin begins.” (“What is Meridian Tapping? – Feed Your Spirit”)

“CB: The place between where the breastbone, collarbone and first rib meet.” (“A Beginners Guide to Meridian Tapping – Feed Your Spirit”)

UA: Under the arm level with where your nipple is (for men) or the top of your bra strap (for women.).

BN: Just under the breast, or one inch below the nipple if you are male.

“TH: On the outside of your thumb, at the tip” (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

“IF: On the top segment of the index finger level with the base of the fingernail, on the same side as the thumb.” (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

MF: On the side of your middle finger, closest to the thumb and level with the base of your fingernail.

“BF: On the side of your baby finger, closest to your thumb, at a point level with the base of your fingernail.” (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

“KC: This is the karate chop point which we have mentioned before.” (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

When conducting the sequence we start at the top and work our way down in order. “Once you have done it several times it becomes easier to remember the order automatically.” (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

As you do this you repeat an affirmation like the one you used in the set up.

For example: Even though I am terrified of public speaking, I love and accept myself. (“EFT – Where and How To Tap | My Healing Universe”)

  1. The Nine Gamut Procedure

If you’ve ever working in a high intensity workout, you will know that the surprising thing is you do not work to the same intensity throughout the workout. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

The Nine Gamut Procedure uses the same technique which works but does not involve so much puffing! “It does involve giving your brain time to compute this new breakthrough information and adjust itself.” (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

“But it is also potentially the most obvious part, as you need to sing or count (or sing and count at the same time) to make your brain divert away from the affirmation and allow your body to reboot itself.” (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

You use both counting and singing as these engage both sides of the brain. You also need to do several different movements.

The process is as follows:

  1. close eyes
  2. open eyes
  3. move eyes hard down to your right
  4. move eyes hard down to your left
  5. roll eyes clockwise
  6. roll eyes counterclockwise
  7. sing a first line of a song
  8. count to ten fast nine. Sing another line of a song.

This process improves the effectiveness and only takes ten seconds. While it may be prudent to temper the volume of your singing in a public place, and your movements may make a few eyebrows rise, it is well worth giving it a shot! (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

It is best to do this in strict order, but if you do the last three steps in that order the others can be mixed round a little. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

So now you have the process it is easy. You do the sequence; take a break with the nine gamut, then repeat the sequence again to complete the recipe. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

  1. The Sequence (again)

Why do we repeat the sequence? “By repeating the phrase and the sequence we consolidate the learning.” (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

We can apply this recipe for any need we may have. It is your quick fix that we all long for and hope works, and in this case does! (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

However, you do need to focus on a specific problem for it to be effective. If you make it too general, then it is not going to work. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

We use a reminder phrase during the sequence to remind us why we are tapping. What this does is brings the bad memory or feeling to the forefront and then deal with it. It allows us to take the power of that emotion away. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

While the reminder phrase is not always necessary, it is an innovative idea to put it in there just in case. It is like a painless preventative measure to ensure you have the best shot of this taking and working.

“There are a range of issues that can be remedied with a reminder phrase.” (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”) Some examples are headaches, pain, sugar cravings, depression, and anger towards a family member, rejection, and fear.

After you have done this a few times you can slowly adjust by finding any other blocks affecting your progress. After you have made the over-generalization, repeat it by adding the words some or still.

For exampleEven though I still crave sugar I love and accept myself. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

Best Wishes, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehab Specialist

See Tomorrow: “What if it Doesn’t Work?

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