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If you have a sensitivity to a particular type of food, eating it can increase your likelihood of having a panic attack. There are a few types of foods that can trigger an attack but there are three chief ones that can affect your ability to keep that panic in check. (“Free Yourself from Panic Attacks”)

The top three anxiety producing foods are sugar, alcohol, and caffeine. These three do not cause the panic attack, but they can increase your general state of anxiety which can compound the problem. (“Foods You Should Avoid for Panic Attacks”)


Many people today use sugar as their emergency pick me up food. This creates a huge wave of mood changes as you move from a low sugar state to a high one and then come crashing back down again. The craving for sugary foods or high carbs such as doughnuts and cakes often indicates a sugar addiction problem. (“Free Yourself from Panic Attacks”) Eating sugar can cause lactic acid to build up in your bloodstream. Elevated levels of this can bring on a panicky state of mind.

Sugary food needs insulin to counteract it in the bloodstream. The body releases copious amounts of insulin that reduces the amount of sugar in your blood. This can cause an agitated state of mind and your mood can swing as the sugar rises and falls. (“Free Yourself from Panic Attacks”) If you tend to suffer from panic attacks, it is a clever idea to go on a low GI or low sugar diet. As refined carbohydrates also convert to sugar fast it is best to stick to natural foods with plenty of whole grains, vegetables, and good protein. (“Free Yourself from Panic Attacks – Health Reversal”)


Alcohol is both a stimulant and an exaggerant. “Whatever your state of mind, alcohol will help you get there bigger and faster.” (“Free Yourself from Panic Attacks”) Drinking alcohol also increases the lactic acid in your body and causes your blood sugar levels to inflate. “It also prevents you from being able to make reasoned decisions or see things calmly and dispassionately.” (“Free Yourself from Panic Attacks – Health Reversal”)


Caffeine may make you feel like you are getting started in the morning, but it can wreak havoc with your ability to manage stress and your levels of panicky feelings. Caffeine can block the protein adenosine which regulates the firing of neurons in the brain. (“Free Yourself from Panic Attacks – Health Reversal”)

This protein is the one that causes you to feel drowsy. Caffeine affects its ability to kick start the process, increasing the firing of the neurons. This makes your body produce adrenaline because your body thinks an emergency is close by. The adrenaline increase can cause your heart rate to increase which increases your body’s state of emergency. (“Free Yourself from Panic Attacks – Health Reversal”) This can be enough to make you feel anxious.

Caffeine also increases the lactic acid build up in your body. If you think you are drinking too much caffeine from both coffee and from carbonated caffeine drinks such as energy drinks and cola, then slowly reduce the amount you are drinking to remove the problem. Watch your caffeine intake from all sorts of sources – green tea, which has good health benefits, also has a high amount of caffeine. (“Free Yourself from Panic Attacks – Health Reversal”)

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