2612568276918. Fitness Hacks to Transform Your Body

Fitness Hacks to Transform Your Body

Fitness Hacks to Transform

Your Body

Fitness Hacks to Transform Your BodyFind Your WHY (Burning Desire) Do you know your reason why? It’s your reason why that spurs you to action and keeps you from quitting. 

If your reason why isn’t big enough, you’ll stay on the couch, or
at least go back to it after a few weeks. Find a big enough reason
why and you’ll push through to success. Do you know your
reason why? Well figure it out!

Forgive Yourself

Life is about mistakes. We all make them. All the freaking time!
It’s not whether or not you make a mistake, it’s how you react to
it that counts.

Don’t let a mistake like missing a few workouts, or binging in
front of the television one night completely throw you off your
game and cause you to quit.

Acknowledge you slipped, and start fresh in the morning. Don’t
let it fester and become a big thing so that before you know it,
you’ve been eating Krispy Kreme for three months and haven’t
worked out, either!

You can’t change yesterday. Focus on now!

Eliminate Negativity (Yeah, People, Too!)

Sadly, some of the biggest obstacles to overcome when trying to
make positive changes in your life are your friends and family.

They have many reasons, I’m sure, from trying to “protect” you
or your self-esteem to trying to sabotage you out of fear because
if you make all these positive changes, you might just leave them behind as they still go to happy hour (for hours), party late into
the morning and sleep half the day, and while away the hours in
front of the television.

Whew! That was a long sentence!

You need to make very clear what your goals are and that you
need their support. If they can’t support you, they can’t be
around you. Sure, that sounds harsh but sometimes necessary.

Turn Off The Freaking TV!

You heard me! Don’t look at me like that! Everybody is too freaking busy for this and that and the other thing, yet they spend 10 plus hours a week watching television.

Here’s a shocking news alert for you. 99.99% of what is on TV is
complete crap! Turn it off!

(Re) Cycle

I’m as big a believer in hard, intense workouts as anyone. But
there’s a difference between training hard (and smart) and just
beating up and wearing down your body.

You need recovery days and periods of lower intensity as well so
your body can recover, repair, adapt and improve.

This means easing off the gas pedal every once in a while. This
can be done a few different ways.

You could take a full week off out of the gym every 8 to 12 weeks
or so (and if you must do something, take easy bike rides or
walks). If you think that will mess you up and get you out of the
habit of exercising, then just dial things back for a week.

Go to a full body weight training workout using regular old
straight sets (no metabolic resistance training, circuit training,
supersets or any intensity techniques) and don’t go near failure.

If you can bench 150 for 3 sets of 10, try 150 for 3 sets of 5 or
lower the weight to 120 for sets of 8 or 10.

Another version of cycling is to improve your lifts, especially when you get stuck and can’t seem to move up your numbers.

Once this is accomplished, you back off and then perform another training cycle, working up to a poundage that is slightly higher than your previous best.

You don’t want to peak with a 1 rep max lift. You want to
increase your training poundage that you use for 6 to 20 reps.

Here’s an example of a 12-week cycle using the squat.

Let’s say you can squat 260 pounds for six reps. Start the
program with 75 percent of this amount (roughly 200 pounds)
and do two sets of 10 reps each.

Yes, you could most likely do more but we are building momentum.

Remember, cycling is to help you avoid burnout and sort of trick
your body into new territory.

Your 12-week intensity cycling routine might look like this:

Week 1
Monday – 200 x 2 x 10
Friday – 205 x 2 x 10

Week 2
Monday – 210 x 2 x 10

Friday – 215 x 2 x 10

Week 3
Monday – 220 x 2 x 10
Friday – 225 x 2 x 10

Week 4
Monday – 230 x 2 x 10
Friday – 235 x 2 x 10

The intensity is ramping up. Time to drop the second set.

Week 5
Monday – 240 x 10
Friday – 245 x 10

Reduce the frequency to three workouts every two weeks.

Week 6
Monday – 250 x 10
Friday – 255 x 10

Week 7
Wednesday – 260 x 10

Week 8
Monday – 265 x 9
Friday – 270 x 9

Week 9
Wednesday – 275 x 9

Week 10
Monday – 280 x 8

Friday – 285 x 8

Week 11
Wednesday – 290 x 7

Reduce the training frequency to once per week.

Week 12
Wednesday – 295 x 6

Week 13
Wednesday – 300 x 6

Week 14
Wednesday – 305 x 5

End of cycle! Great work!

At this point, you can take a week to ten days off from the gym
to rest and recover and then start another training program or a
different type of cycle.

Keep in mind, there are endless variations of this idea and you
may want to experiment with different one’s.

Fitness Hacks to Transform Your Body

Regards, Coyalita

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