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Fitness Hacks to Transform Your Body

Fitness Hacks to Transform Your Body

Fitness Hacks to Transform Your BodyExtend Your Set Most people’s set length is too short, which doesn’t give them the optimal training stimulus for muscle building or accelerating fat loss.

Unless you’re specifically working pure strength, try and make each set last for at least 20 seconds and 30 to 40 is okay, too. This means either doing timed intervals, higher reps, or slowing down the speed of each rep.

Beware The Fitness Trend

Fitness trends come and go. Techniques that work stick around (and sadly sometimes get lost amongst the “new” stuff).

Use REAL tools, like barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX or Jungle Gym, sandbags, bodyweight, etc. You can’t sit and spin your way to great abs and you can’t squeeze a piece of plastic between your thighs for great legs.

You’ll have to work. Be sure to work smart and use the correct tools.

Burp Your Way to Dropping Fat Fast

Burpees. If there isn’t a medical reason, such as an injury, that prevents you from any type of plyometric work, do these! If you have to, modify them. You can eliminate the jump at the end and just stand. Burpees are great for the core, too!

Vary Your Workouts

The body adapts. It’s efficient. If you’re constantly doing the same workout over time, the body will get better at it and your results will stagnate.

This doesn’t mean doing something completely different every single time you work out. If you do that, you’ll have no way of measuring your progress over time. You should vary your workouts within a longer-term training program.

The exception to that is if you are at a period in your life where things are hectic and you are short on time and just squeezing in a short workout is a challenge. When that’s the case, just getting in some form of exercise in the form of body weight training is much better than nothing at all.

Keep The Same Workout

WTH?? Yeah, yeah, I know what number 28 says. But too many people change their workouts ALL THE TIME and don’t stick to a good program long enough to get results. In general, try sticking to the same workout for at least 4 to 12 weeks and sometimes longer.

Understand that this doesn’t mean the same EXACT workout every day for six weeks or whatever. You may have three different workouts that are part of the same training plan that you do on different days.

For example, for strength you might do the bench press on Mondays, the deadlift on Wednesdays and the squat are Fridays. It may be a different strength focus on those days but those individual workouts are still part of the same longer term workout plan.

You may also have certain progressions and changes that are made over time as you improve. That is variation within a specific longer-term training plan and that’s a good thing!

Eat More Fat (For Muscle AND Fat Loss, Oh, And Better Health, too!)

Yep, eat more fat. And I’m not talking about a low carb diet for losing weight. Essential Fatty Acids are extremely anabolic and help you build muscle. But that’s not all.

EFA’s may also:

Help protect your heart
Improve your memory
Strengthen your immune system
Minimize the damage caused by free radicals
Reduce joint pain and PMS symptoms
Aid the fat loss process – yep, really.

Move Your Body

We don’t have an obesity epidemic solely because we eat too much (although we DO eat too much and, more specifically, too much junk) but just as much because we’re sedentary. Modern convenience has us much less active than our ancestors.

Instead of working hard all day from sunup to sun down, we sit at a desk or on a couch. We drive everywhere. We take elevators and escalators. We watch movies and play video games. We are gluttony and sloth. STOP THAT!

Regards, Coyalita

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