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Fat Burning Secrets

About Me

My name is Coyalita Linville “My Story,” within this Introduction is all about the reality I had to face as a child growing up and how I could never lose weight.

You see I was apparently born “Chubby” as my family called it. And the “Chubby” never seemed to leave my ears or help me lose weight for many years.

Due to this fact I was often made fun of by my peers at 1st grade school and through high school which followed me until I was 18 and realized my weight problem was beyond fixing.

I would see others gawking and snickering at me in the hallways both coming from girls and boys and even in my classes which I discovered to just keep my head down and act like I couldn’t hear what they were saying!

Even my Family Members, with the exception of my Grandmother always had something to say about my weight. I grew up silently hating them all due to the way they treated me too.

Furthermore, my one Sister Rosetta was always so beautiful, thin, blond, and could attract attention with no problem at all. I loved her dearly and she was always my best friend no matter what.


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