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Body Weight Blitz

Body Weight Blitz

Body Weight BlitzConclusion the Mind as a Muscle Positive Thinking and Goal Setting Before we end our Guide, I’m going to reveal what may be the biggest secret of them all when it comes to developing the body of your dreams.

It’s not exclusive to Bodyweight Training, though it does apply to our beloved form of fitness as much or more so than any of the other many methods.

The secret?

That no matter what you are doing, how hard you are training and how well you are eating and supplementing – if your Mind is not working with you rather than against you, you will never be living up to your fitness potential.

Your Mind is a muscle – the most important muscle of them all in fact when it comes to getting fit!

How can we get our Mind working with us rather than against us while Bodyweight Training? Read on and find out…

* The Power of Positive Thinking

Now I’m not trying to go all New Age on you, but facts are facts – when you think positively you are much more likely to accomplish or surpass your physical goals than when you are drenched in negativity.

This is why professional athletes engage in rabid levels of positive self-talk before an event and some even use sports hypnosis to implant positive thoughts in their minds to give them every edge possible.

You’ve never heard of anyone engaging in negative self-talk before a big Olympic event, have you? Of course not.

How can we take advantage of this in our training? The simplest way is to first try to block out negative thoughts as best we can whenever they pop in our heads.

By following these with a simple affirmation like “Every day I am getting stronger, faster, healthier, more attractive and smarter” we really set the foundation for success.

Saying the affirmation in a mirror first thing in the morning a few times in front of the mirror as well as before going to sleep at night will pay off huge dividends too!

At first you may feel a bit silly when you use your affirmations. I know I did. Once you see how well they work, however, I guarantee you will join me in respecting their power!

* Goal Setting and Bodyweight Training

When you set clear and achievable fitness goals (preferably writing them down) you are programming your subconscious mind to join in the fight to get fit.

While Bodyweight Training invest in an inexpensive notebook to use as a journal and be sure to write down weekly, monthly and quarterly training goals.

Are you doing 20 pushups in a set now, but would like to be up to 35 in a set by the end of the month? Write it down!

Is your goal to lose twenty pounds of fat in the next ninety days? Write it down!

As long as these goals are realistic and achievable you will find yourself achieving many more of them before you begin to set the goal. It’s the way the mind works and we should use it to our advantage whenever possible.

There two simple tactics can get your Mind on board as the most important muscle of them all. Expect tremendous results!

Regards, Coyalita

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