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Body Weight Blitz

Body Weight Blitz

Body Weight BlitzCore of Steel Bodyweight Training has huge advantages over other training methodologies in many areas.

The most shining of them is an area that’s dear to nearly everyone interested in getting into great shape – developing a ripped and powerful core.

Let’s be clear – no other style of training will give you six pack abs as quickly and with as little extra effort as Bodyweight Training.

Bodyweight Training is the perfect storm for getting the perfect core.

There are many reasons for this – first and foremost your abs and lower back are trained in nearly all of your major training movements. Pushups, pull ups, Bodyweight squats – they all help build their target muscle groups while also as a bonus carve out your six pack. How’s that for win / win?

Say good bye to the endless reps on the stupid abdominal crunch that never produced any results anyway. I doubt you’ll miss it!

Here’s a look at some Core Bodyweight Training exercises that shouldn’t be neglected on your path to the abs of your dreams…

* The V Up. Also called by old school Bodyweight training enthusiasts the “Atlas sit up.” Lay on your back with your legs fully extended and curl your upper body up while also bringing up your legs. Touch finger tips to toes. This can be somewhat difficult if you are a bit out of shape – if so, start with normal floor crunches and sit-ups until a bit more core strength is developed. Just be sure to add the V ups as soon as possible, they are more than worth the effort.

* Leg Raises. Hanging from a pull up bar (which will also build your grip strength) raise your legs to a “L” position using your lower ab muscles. Beginners feel free to start by doing knee rather than full extended leg raises until more strength is built. Many fail to achieve a six or eight pack simply because they’ve neglected their lower abs.

* Plank. Lay in push up position. Come up on elbows and forearms keeping your body straight tightening your abs as if you were about to be punched in the stomach. Hold for time – twenty seconds in a good start, working up to sets of sixty seconds or more.

* Side Plank. Perhaps the best overall exercise for building powerful obliques. Lie on your side and come up on your elbow keeping your body tight and in a straight line, tightening your core again as if preparing for a punch to the stomach. Hold for time.

* Mountain Climbers. This is a powerful total body exercise with an emphasis on abs. It is also hugely effective as a cardio technique. Go into push up position. Press up and stay up. Alternate bringing knees to chest as quickly as possible. Go for time and expect to break a serious sweat.

Mountain climbers are a true warrior’s exercise – if you want a body that looks like something out of the movie 300 throw it all into your mountain climbers!

Ninety days of Bodyweight Training may well leave you with a bulletproof core – the type of abs no machine could ever produce. Let’s do it!

Regards, Coyalita

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