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Body Sculpture What to Do When Summer Approaches

Body Sculpture What to Do When Summer Approaches

Summer is the time when we all want to relax under the sun and play beach volleyball. It is the time when we all spend time together at barbecues, sit at the beach for long hours, and attend pool parties at our friend’s place. This is the time when we all take off our shirts to highlight our beautifully sculpted muscles and our rock-solid bodies on which we have spent our last few months.

None of us wants to go around with a loose and flabby body. Nevertheless, not all of us are so fortunate. There must be a way of getting into that killer shape in a couple of months. Now you might ask how. Well-read on to find the answer.

Most of the people who get into shape in a couple of months reduce their weight and increase the number of repetitions. This is by far the most popular and widely accepted way of building a well-sculpt and muscular body in a matter of a couple of months. In fact, this is the advice that you will get from most of the gym trainers. They will tell you that heavy weights will help in making the muscles bigger and lower weights will bring those cuts on your muscles that will make it look like a sculpted masterpiece.

Nevertheless, is this true? Is it really the best way to do it? Believe me, it’s complete trash. It is not only misleading but also harmful for your body. No logical explanations can explain the theories. All those who have prescribed this kind of routine have done no more than wasting the time of all those people in need of a muscular body.

One thing must be noticeably clear in your mind, as evolution has taken its own time, your body too will take some time to get in shape. The efforts you put into workout, has no magic pills or machines that can help you reduce instantaneously. It is next to impossible to merely reduce fat from one portion of your body while keeping on the others. Doing more bench presses with smaller weights will never burn off those fats from your chest the way you imagine they would or cause them to look harder or well sculpted.

Every time that you lay your hands on the barbell or roll your fists around those dumbbells your only aim is to whip up as much muscle growth as possible. Please bear in mind that there are no exercises in weightlifting that will get you those cuts that we all envy seeing on those beautifully sculpted bodies of musclemen.

So how do you bring those cuts most efficiently and effectively? The answer lies in lowering the body’s fat levels so that the muscles are visible. Try these two methods of removing fat from your body:

  1. Change your diet a bit. Stick to more healthy whole foods. Reduce your calorie intake to about 15 times your body weight. Eat less and more frequently all through the day. This helps in keeping your metabolic activities pepped up at all times of the day and will continuously keep on burning fat all day long. Avoid fried and other oily foods. Replace these with low protein and low glycemic carbs. Drink more water. Drink at least 15-20 glassfuls of water every day. It helps in dissolving toxins away from your body.
  2. Change the way you do your cardio-workouts. Instead of the age-old technique of long sessions with moderate weights, try shorter cardio workouts with more weights. This will increase your body’s metabolism rates to enormous levels and will help in burning fats even when you are not working out. Also never combine your cardio workout sessions with weight workouts and should be done on separate days for best results.

“I hope these techniques help your body look like a beautifully sculpted muscular masterpiece throughout the next summer.” (“How to Muscle Sculpt – What to do when summer approaches …”)

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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