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Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Body Sculpture Static Stretches

Body Sculpture Static Stretches

We discussed in previous articles about how stretching is important to perform before and after workouts, yet what many articles fail to help people to see is how vital stretches are to the joints and muscles. While stretching promotes flexibility, it also enhances coordination and quickness, as well as other skills.

Stretching also reduces stress, while relaxing the muscles. At what time the muscles are relaxed, it reduces the chances of injury. In harmony, stretches relieve soreness of the muscles and joints, while increasing strength of the muscles.

NOTE: It is important to never bounce while stretching.

Static stretches are one of the types of stretches that actors or actor alike often perform. Static stretching can reduce soreness. Static stretches will also reduce electronic currency in skeletal muscles.

NOTE: You want to avoid straining the muscles while stretching.

You want to release tension while performing stress exercises. Stretches can also extend the length of muscle movement. Stretch exercises should be conducted before workout, as well as afterward. However, if you want better results during weight training or strength training you can stretch in between exercises also, since it will stretch the muscles while releasing tension, thus promoting your odds of achieving maximum performance.

Stretching then makes the muscles longer and bigger, by drawing them out and extending them to elongate to their maximum capacity. Stretch straightens and enlarges the muscles as well.

Now we can get started on a few stretch routines. We touch basis on these routines in the past, but in my experience and training, I discovered that the named stretches work best. Of course, you want to include static stretches.


First, stand in position with the posture straight. Stand with your legs slightly apart and reach the right arm over your head while halfway raising the left arm over the head as well.’

Rotate, switch arms, and perform the same action while stretching up as far as you can reach. You will feel the tension leaving the length of your side, neck, shoulders, and back, while feel a slight pulling in the arms and legs.

What is happening is that the muscles and joints are releasing tension, thus preparing your body for an exerting workout.

If you have back pain or spinal injuries, thus this is the best exercise you can perform. Personally, I have severe injuries to the ligaments, tendons, nerves, and spinal column. Thus, this stretch will provide you with a quantity of relief from the pain.

You can also perform a similar stretch while waking up in the morning, by lying flat on your back and stretching the arms and legs, extending them out as far as they will expend.

If you feel pain or start to quiver, as well as feeling a burning feeling then stop the stretch exercise now. The goal of stretching is to release tension, expand muscles, and reduce pain.

The side stretches are another sort of stretching routine you can perform. The action starts in a standing position with your legs apart.

You can use a hand towel to support the upper section of the back. Once in position you can stretch to the right with the hands over the head and the head tilting right, thus stretching the sides to the left.

Now stretch to the front while the balls of the hand touch the knees and the head bobbing forward and stretch left and straighten the body with the hands completely over the head.

You will feel tension leaving various areas of the body; however, you may feel a slight pull in the neck area. Try to avoid over straining the neck, since you could tear nerve endings, tissues, and so forth.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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