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Body Sculpture Boogieing to Move toward Muscle Sculpturing How to Dance

Body Sculpture Boogieing to Move toward Muscle Sculpturing How to Dance

Come on! Let us dance. What? You think dancing is not going to get you the physique you want. Do you think that sculpting muscles takes weight training? Well, you are set on dead wrong. Let me move your notions, theories, ideas, and guesses, since down through the years…guess what…people have been steering you wrong.

Now you might think I am the next person ready to steer you in the wrong direction and that is ok. Let me give you a logic that will bounce off Michael Jordon’s head and will replica back to you.


The word think might scare you for a minute, since life is full of…I am not about to go there, but anyway my point is, think. Sculpture…what does it mean? It means statue, statuette, figure, curves. Did you say natural curves? Well…wake up. The coffee pot is brewing, but the fact is there is no such thing as natural since body types sum up natural.

The world today functions on the perfect body, while reality states there is no such thing as the perfect body. The coffee is brewing. Did you smell the coffee? In other words, when Simpson comes alive to the world and presents self, it lasts for a fleeting time, until Spears comes around and removes her from position.

My question…what do you want? Who are you? Do you want to be Madonna? Do you want to be Michael Jordon? On the other hand, let me ask the ultimate question, do you want to be you? Whoops, did I say, you?

Hello, did you say you want to build a physique that matches Madonna? (“Functional Fitness 4 Young People: Boogieing to Move …”) Did you say you want a physique that matches James’s bond? Well, if you did, read someone else’s article because I am not the one. If you want to be, you then let us party.

Boogieing Down:

Step three steps to the left. Steps back, three steps toward the right, move in between and step. Song: Foxy Lady: Stand on the left foot, bounce lightly on the right foot, while moving the hands slowly across the face…move. Step, left, front, back, center, right, and back, while holding the hands over the mouth in concession with your movements…

Song: Bobby Bear: I am five hundred Miles away from home: Concentrate…step left, right center, right, left, and center again….

Guys do it all the time. The move…Step back, scissor, twist, step right, left, move to the side, and then repeat the steps again…

Next, you can learn bootie drops. Alternatively, what we call the tootsie roll. You roll the hips while you bring the knees inward. You drop the body, lowering it to the floor halfway, while rolling the hips out. If you continue the tootsie, roll three times a week you will feel the legs strengthen, the midsection and hips reducing, and the lower back gaining strength.

Next, you can do the twist. Swing the hips out and side to side. As you twist make sure the legs twist in harmony with your body. After a few weeks, you will feel reduction around the hip area, midsection, and so on. Make sure you feel comfortable with the move. Some people with back problems might want to avoid the twist, since it places high volumes of stress on the back and entire body.

Overall, dancing is the best way to go if you want a stunning physique. If you notice dancers in the movie industry with well-sculpted bodies, it is because they practice moves, and use them often.

After ongoing through training in strength training, aerobics, resistance training, endurance training, and building muscle mass, one thing I learnt in life, if you dance you can combine all exercises and achieve a stunning physique. (“Functional Fitness 4 Young People: Dancing to Muscle …”)

Dancing is an art. It is a work of nature that restores curves, lines, statuettes, figures, and more all in a few twists. The goal of body sculpturing is to restore the natural curves of the body. (“Functional Fitness 4 Young People: April 2012”) Dancing is ultimate, since it will strengthen the muscles, balance resistance, restore curves, and take you boldly where no one has gone before in fitness.

When you dance, you exercise the entire body. Sure, you can work out in aerobics, or strength training but you would have to jump around from machine to machine to reach the effect dancing will give you in a few moves. Several types of dances exist, including ballet dancer, folklore, shake, and more.

The fact is when you dance you move all parts of the body and can balance better than you would working out on machines. Now, this is going to be the article of the lifetime, since to show you some moves, I will need to do the moves myself, while focusing to help you see how the moves can benefit you. (“Functional Fitness 4 Young People: Dancing to Muscle …”)

Therefore, hold on. Grab a cup of juice and give me a minute, since I am about to work your entire body. If you follow the moves and continue, I promise you will achieve a stunning physique. Yet, I beg you to never stop dancing, since when you do you lose what you earned.


I have danced for years, winning contests, and going through transactions such as having movie producers asking me to join the crew. Well, the fact is, I had other plans. What I learnt; however, I would give it to you. Now, position self in the center of a room. Make sure you have space. Once you learn, overtime, you will need a strip of flooring about one ½ inch wide and you can perform the same actions. In other words, you want balance dance.

Now balance your body in the center of the floor. Dance! Step right, step center, step left, and rotate. You are taking the side steps now by the way. This is a mere start, but nothing compared to what you will do later. Again, step right, step center, step left, rotate. Now turn on your stereo. I want to hear your favorite song blasting. You may play Ludicrous, Coolio, Tupac, or whatever you like. The point is you want to feel the beat when you are moving. Rather, get into the music.

Next, center while moving the feet left to right, at the same time sink in the knees. The move is sometimes called The Butterfly, but you can name it whatever you like. In other words, twist the knees in while swinging the feet left to right, in and out. Repeat and continue until you learn the butterfly with ease.

As you move, notice the stress around the higher thigh area, around the hips, in the midsection, and about the sides. Feel the stress while relaxing and letting it go. If you feel pain, stop the procedure now. You should not feel pain anywhere on the body. Rather, you should only feel stress. Stress is your friend, thus if you feel pain, you may have a medical problem, otherwise you have not learnt to understand your discomforts.

If you do not feel pain, continue. Let your body explore its potential. Learn your body, and let it flow. What are you doing: Sculpting the body to bring forth a stunning physique? While training to build a stunning physique you want to avoid steroids.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

See Tomorrow: “Building a muscular Sculpting body while Knowing Steroids”

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