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    Binaural Will They Really Be Effective?

    “Many people have used binaural beats over the years and found they are helpful at changing patterns of behavior, helping them to move into a state that helps the brain relax or learn faster.” (“How to Choose the Right Frequency for Me? – Binaural Beats …”)

    However, nothing we do works best only in isolation. For instance, if you want to use binaural beats to help intensify your learning times, you will need to ensure your study space is conducive to learning (clear and not cluttered, and in a quiet place). (“How to Choose the Right Frequency for Me? – Binaural Beats …”)

    You will still need to plan out your study time and then stick to your plans. Pinning all your hopes on listening to beats under music every day is not going to change your grades unless you do the work yourself. (“Binaural Beats CAN Really Make a Difference? – Binaural …”)

    Similarly, if you are using them to help you reduce your stress or learn to relax, commit to making choices alongside your listening to expedite it. There is no point in investing your time, and energy in listening to the beats, then coming off and spending the next two hours whirling yourself into a stressful slather and eradicating any good you did. (“Binaural Beats CAN Really Make a Difference? – Binaural …”)

    “Binaural beats WILL help you, but along the way you need to continue to help yourself.” (“Binaural Beats | Dream | Sound”) You will need to keep on working at it. You may find that other things will help you develop, alongside listening to binaural beats, such as making sure you have good day-to-day routines or eating foods that energize and bring health to your body. As your brain starts to engage more readily, allow yourself to change any habits that have not been constructive and develop new ones. (“Binaural Beats CAN Really Make a Difference? – Binaural …”)

    You may find other relaxation methods will enhance the time you spend listening to binaural beats. Self-hypnosis can help develop some of the brain work you have begun and take it to another level. (“How to Choose the Right Frequency for Me? – Binaural Beats …”)

    You may find that as you change, you will discover new interests or patterns that help to take you to where you were headed. This also means you lose some old behaviors. This sounds great at the outset, but our bodies and mind can be resistant to change. You may find the first few weeks can include some struggle to let go of old behaviors. Sometimes it can feel a little like we are losing our best friend. (“How to Choose the Right Frequency for Me? – Binaural Beats …”)

    Our habits and behaviors are all a part of what makes us who we are and our bodies like us to stay the same even when we are making good changes. If you are aware that your body may put up a fight as your mind starts to adapt, you will be more likely to allow your body and brain to make the changes they need to make at their own pace. (“Binaural Beats CAN Really Make a Difference? – Binaural …”)

    This sense of needing to stay the same is what causes many people to “fall off the wagon” when they are trying something new. It is just our body rebelling against the change. It is one of the reasons it is so important to use the binaural beat tracks on a regular basis. It helps our brain to remember what it is meant to be doing and why. (“How to Choose the Right Frequency for Me? – Binaural Beats …”)

    It is a little like training for a marathon. If you plan to run in six months’ time you cannot just train for the first month, then hope it is going to see you through until the race. You start as you mean to go on and you set up regular training programs so when the big day comes you are ready for the challenge. (“How to Choose the Right Frequency for Me? – Binaural Beats …”)

    Our limitations of success with binaural beats comes down to one crucial factor – ourselves. (“Binaural Beats | Dream | Sound”) If you commit yourself to success and allow yourself to incorporate listening to your tracks every day, and then allow your brain, as it changes, to tell you what changes you need to make, then you will find success. Otherwise, it is a little like going to a weight loss meeting for two hours and then buying six doughnuts on the way home to eat after dinner. (“Binaural Beats CAN Really Make a Difference? – Binaural …”)

    Best Wishes, Coyalita

    Behavioral Health Rehab Specialist

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