Binaural Am I Opening Myself up to Weird Thoughts?

We all know the brain is a powerful thing. Most of us are also fond of our brains, and do not really want anything strange to mess with them. (“Binaural Beats CAN Really Make a Difference? – Binaural …”) So, it is important to know that your brain is clever enough to only allow you to go as deep as you feel comfortable with. (“Subliminal Secrets”) If you are worried about going into a deep trance that you will never wake from, you can rest assured that will not happen. (“Binaural Beats CAN Really Make a Difference? – Binaural …”)

A trance state is one where you feel both relaxed and energized at the same time. You do not lose consciousness, though as mentioned elsewhere in this report, you can become relaxed enough to fall asleep. (“How to Choose the Right Frequency for Me? – Binaural Beats …”) If that does happen (and you are listening to it to help with sleep that is the desired result anyway) then the most it is going to feel like is a sense of being awake but not caring that you are conscious – just in a happy relaxed spot between awake and dreaming. (“Tracking Your Progress In Using Binaural Beats | Binaural …”)

It is a completely natural state to be in and one that you can shift into without binaural beats to aid you. (“Binaural Beats CAN Really Make a Difference? – Binaural …”) Watching television is remarkably like being in a trance like state – it is really just being focused on one thing for a period of time. You will not be in that state from the moment the first beats are played, but will be taken to that place gradually and naturally as the tracks are played. (“Binaural Beats CAN Really Make a Difference? – Binaural …”)

It can be tempting to stop using binaural beats the moment you have the success for which you were aiming. However, to firmly establish the brain changes it is good to ensure the patterns of behavior (be it ease of learning, sleeping better or reducing anxiety) have been changed for at least three weeks before you stop. (“Binaural Beats CAN Really Make a Difference? – Binaural …”)

Because our behavior changes as our brain changes, it is important that you record your changes as you begin to listen to binaural beats. As humans, we are specialists in reducing our solutions into something we did completely ourselves instead. We listen to the binaural beats, we change, and then we take all the credit for the change, forgetting what we did to start the changes in the first place. (“Programming Your Mind With Binaural Beats – C.J. Hallock …”)

Keep an amazingly simple journal just to record listening to the binaural beat tracks, and any reflections on it. At the very least it will give you a history of whether it is working and then help you learn what worked best for you if you need to use it again for another issue down the track. Keep in mind that anything you use that helps you to change is worth using again. (“Binaural Beats CAN Really Make a Difference? – Binaural …”)

“Binaural beats are a powerful tool that can painlessly get you the changes you long for, helping you reach your goals and develop new habits that will bring success and vitality.” (“Binaural Beats CAN Really Make a Difference? – Binaural …”)

Best Wishes, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehab Specialist

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