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Bad Cholesterol – What Is It and How Does It Work?

Bad Cholesterol – What Is It and How Does It Work?

Bad Cholesterol – What Is It and How Does It Work? “The key cause of heart diseases as the doctors suggest is cholesterol.” (“Reducing Cholesterol Naturally – 2 Great Natural Methods”) High cholesterol level in the blood can not only lead to heart attacks but also several weight problems. In fact, it has now become the No. 1 reason of deaths in all developed countries.

Let us first understand what this cholesterol is – It is a waxy fat-like substance naturally made in the liver of our body. Though cholesterol holds a thorough ‘bad guy image,’ surprisingly it serves many vital functions for our healthy living. (“Lower Cholesterol with Exercises – 14 Reasons And Tips”)

Coronary heart disease or the CHD is the medical term for heart attacks. While studies have shown that having a higher level of cholesterol increases the risk of suffering with CHD, people with low cholesterol levels are less likely to get it. Hence, lowering the bad cholesterol in your blood stream seems to be a drastic solution to coronary heart diseases. (“Lower Cholesterol With Exercises – 14 Reasons And Tips”)

While CHD does not react instantly, it gradually develops with the person’s growing age and sustained excessive amounts of blood cholesterol. To live a healthy and long life it is necessary for you to lower the cholesterol levels as early as possible. (“Reducing Cholesterol Naturally – 2 Great Natural Methods”)

“Though unhealthy eating habits are the key reason to growing cholesterol ailments it is not the only reason of increasing cholesterol in an individual’s body.” (“Cholesterol Never Again”) The other reasons for the same are:

  1. Age

The chances of suffering CHD increase with your age – for males it is 45 years and older; for females it is 55 years and older.

  1. Genetics

“In case heart troubles persist in your family history that is parents or blood related relatives dying of heart diseases, it can be a case for you as well.” (“Cholesterol Never Again”)

Take some time to review the factors given below thoroughly and work towards the changes as soon as possible and these are quite controllable if concentrated on in time. (“Reducing Cholesterol Naturally – 2 Great Natural Methods”)

  1. High level bad cholesterol in the blood.
  2. Lower levels of the good cholesterol in your blood.
  3. Your history of smoking.
  4. High Blood Pressure owing to the genetic predisposition or some family history regarding high blood pressures.
  5. History of Diabetes and if this has some family history.
  6. No exercising – living quite a sedentary lifestyle.
  7. Obesity or overweight.

Let your consulting physician if you are suffering with high blood cholesterol and take his words seriously to live a healthy life. (“Reducing Cholesterol Naturally – 2 Great Natural Methods”)

“There are several natural ways to reduce and control the cholesterol from our body.” (“Reducing Cholesterol Naturally – 2 Great Natural Methods”) These are as follows:


Some straightforward tips on perfect cholesterol free diet are as follows:

  1. Low cholesterol diet primarily includes the following:
  2. Grains – Whole grain products & cereals

“ii. Fish rich in the element called Omega3, like Salmon and Tuna” (“Reducing Cholesterol Naturally – 2 Great Natural Methods”)

xii. Fruits & leafy vegetables

xiii. Nuts

xiv. Juices, etc.

  1. Visit your physician prior to initializing any low cholesterol diets. This would help you gauge through the improvements of changes in your health. (“Cholesterol Never Again”)
  2. Replace the saturated fats with polyunsaturated fats in chicken, meat, & whole milk products.
  3. Try to avoid pastas, sugary, sugar-coated foods, and the bakery products as they contain refined carbohydrates that add to your cholesterol levels.
  4. While eating out, opt for boiled or steamed food preparations.

Vitamin Supplements & Medicines

“Here are some specialized medications and substitutes to fight back the rising cholesterol levels instantly:” (“Reducing Cholesterol Naturally – 2 Great Natural Methods”)

  1. Statins

“These are specialized medications aiming at lowering the cholesterol levels.” (“Reducing Cholesterol Naturally – 2 Great Natural Methods”) Such medications are grouped into different classes. The most common ones that are available in the market these days are HMG-CoA Inhibitors, in words of the average person the statins. (“Reducing Cholesterol Naturally – 2 Great Natural Methods”)

“Statins reduce the cholesterol in our body by blocking the enzyme HMG-CoA.” (“Reducing Cholesterol Naturally – 2 Great Natural Methods”) Formation of this enzyme is one of the crucial functions in the steps involved in the conversion of fats into cholesterol. These are most effective form of drugs lowing blood cholesterol made till date. Hence, they have lent significant help to the people who require urgent and drastic reduction in the cholesterol levels. (“Reducing Cholesterol Naturally – 2 Great Natural Methods”)

  1. Bile Acid Sequestrants

Human liver produces a special bile. These cholesterol lowering drugs bind itself with this bile. Bile is a substance that aids our digestion system in the absorption of fats in our intestines. Bile acid sequestrant prevents the formulation of cholesterol. It prevents the bile acid from digesting the fats.

  1. Vitamins

Vitamins help lower the cholesterol levels, though it is the last resort for such patients. Some of these effective vitamins are as follows: (“Reducing Cholesterol Naturally – 2 Great Natural Methods”)

Vitamin B

Vitamin B3 or the Niacin is the most common cholesterol lowering vitamin. It is one among the eight water-soluble B vitamins. It helps our body in the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose that provides energy for the body. B vitamins are also quite important in breaking down the body fats as well as proteins and acids that aid in making our nervous system, eyes, skin, mouth, hair & liver healthy. (“Reducing Cholesterol Naturally – 2 Great Natural Methods”) Niacin is also helpful in getting rid of the toxic & harmful chemicals in the body.

Niacin also increases the effects of the other cholesterol reducing drugs, only if taken in extremely high doses. But this is something not very advisable as taking substantial amounts of Vitamin B can lead to flushing of skin. This happens due to the dilation of blood vessels. The other side effects of excessive intake of Vitamin b are headaches, itching, headaches, muscle cramps and nausea. (“Reducing Cholesterol Naturally – 2 Great Natural Methods”)


L is among the other substances and vitamins that lower body cholesterol. It allows cholesterol and fats to get dispersed from our body. (“Reducing Cholesterol Naturally – 2 Great Natural Methods”) It also prevents the fatty build up in the arteries.

Vitamins C and E

Vitamins E & C prevent LDL cholesterol from damage hence save the individual from heart disease. While LDL cholesterol is also known to be the bad guy, most of the cardiologists believe that only damaged LDL cholesterol contributes to the rising risk of heart diseases. Alas, it would be all the worth spending some time in the research and meeting your doctor on ways to reduce cholesterol through a healthy lifestyle and all natural means. (“Cholesterol Never Again”)

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