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Atkins Diet Basics

Atkins Diet Basics

Atkins Diet Basics “The Atkins diet has become quite an old trend now though it has become a recognized fact among the health conscious as well as the dieters.” (“Atkins Diet Basics – Issuu”) Dr. Atkins’s New Diet Revolution book discovered a whole new bunch of audience who had problems with low-fat diet plans. “However, we cannot say that everyone surrounded by this hype is familiar with the fundamental principles of this diet plan.” (“The Basics of The Atkins Diet – Getting Your Fundamentals …”)

Here are the important principles based on which the Atkins diet has been designed for giving best results. The theory of the diet deals with why fats get accumulated in our body. As per the study conducted by Dr. Atkins, too much consumption of simple sugars and carbohydrates would lead to weight gain. (“No matter what the publicity materials say fad diets will …”)

In this regard, your waistline plays a vital role in the sense that more than the calories and the quantity of fat we consume; it is the way the carbohydrates are processed, which matters. A phenomenon termed “insulin resistance” has been explained by D. Atkins in this regard. He says that the main reason for many people being overweight is because of improper working of the cells in their bodies. (“The Basics of The Atkins Diet – Getting Your Fundamentals …”)

Sugar levels tend to get elevated when too much of carbohydrates and sugar is consumed in turn resulting in insulin being released from the pancreas. This happens because it is necessary for storing sugar in the form of glycogen in the muscle cells and liver which is used later when extra energy is needed. But glycogen can be stored only to a certain extent after which it is converted into fat. Anyone who consumes too much of carbohydrates tend to face such a situation. (“The Basics of The Atkins Diet – Getting Your Fundamentals …”)

On the other hand, individuals who are insulin resistant face tougher problems in storing and using the excess carbohydrates consumed by them. Higher the level of insulin, higher is the resistance. When the cells try to fight against the increasing level of insulin, they end up producing more of fat and lesser amount of glycogen. The result of this is extra weight gain in insulin resistant individuals. (“The Basics of The Atkins Diet – Getting Your Fundamentals …”)

Insulin resistant people have many more problems to face which includes fatigue, low blood sugar (resulting in hypoglycemia), brain fogging (loss of creativity, poor memory, and inability to focus), depression, high blood sugar and sleepiness.

A diet constrained in carbohydrates is the only solution for individuals who are insulin resistant. The bottom line followed by the Atkins diet is restriction of intake of carbohydrates in all forms. Sodas, sweets, and cookies which come under simple sugars, complex carbohydrates like grains, rice and bread are restricted under the Atkins diet. Wholesome carbohydrates like brown rice, whole wheat bread and oatmeal are also restricted under the diet plan. (“The Basics of The Atkins Diet – Getting Your Fundamentals …”)

The diet restricts the intake of carbohydrate to an amount below 40 grams per day which would in turn bring the body to a state of ketosis resulting in fats being burnt as fuel to provide energy. This would put off more insulin production in the body and the already stored fat would be burnt to provide energy, the result being weight loss (“The Basics of The Atkins Diet – Getting Your Fundamentals …”)

An added advantage of this diet plan is that it will put an end to the carbohydrate cravings. A high carbohydrate diet is never fulfilling to a person as we can never get enough of it. On the other hand, with a constraint on the amount of carbohydrate to be consumed, we come over the craving for gradually with the passage of time. (“The Basics of The Atkins Diet – Getting Your Fundamentals …”)

The Atkins program, though strict in the earlier stages, in the longer run enriches us in perfectly balancing our diet. The diet can be used slowly according to the individual necessity and a perfect balance between carbohydrate use and health can be achieved by reintroducing little amounts of carbohydrates. (“The Basics of The Atkins Diet – Getting Your Fundamentals …”)

The primary principle of this diet program has helped in formulating several other low carbohydrate diet plans. “However, for the insulin resistant people, the most satisfying diet plan is the renowned Atkins diet plan!” (“The Basics of The Atkins Diet – Getting Your Fundamentals …”)

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