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Anxiety Symptoms Relief Disorder

When Cures Are Not Working there are many people in this world who are in the clutches of anxiety, and they seek help from various sources to get away from these even taking extreme measures like ignoring its debilitating effects? (“Managing Anxiety Disorders – How to Deal with It”)

There are many people who have reduced the suffering of anxiety through these sources but at the same time there are many people who suffer more from its treatments. This state is called ‘Anxiety Symptoms Relief Disorder’. (“How To Win Your War Against Stress”)

There is no term called ‘Anxiety Symptoms Relief Disorder’ it is an attempt made to cure a person’s anxiety, but the result is failure. (“How To Win Your War Against Stress”) We cannot say that the cause of this failed attempt is a disorder. It is used to describe the state of mind of some people when they are not cured from Anxiety.

For instance, those people who are forced to face the treatment by family members may believe that there is nobody to help them in that state or when they create a false belief that their disease cannot be cured, such people are prone to Anxiety Symptoms Relief Disorder.

This is a psychological problem where the person who is facing this is taken care of first and then comes the treatment of his\her anxiety along with their other problems. (“How To Win Your War Against Stress”)

The term ‘Anxiety Symptoms Relief Disorder’ does not show up as a recognized medical term in any book so we can say that this term is not exactly a recognized medical phrase. There are many people around us who are undergoing this disorder for many years but when it comes to dealing of anxiety disorders there are many people who ignore the treatments that are available to them. (“How To Win Your War Against Stress”)

“This is a situation where the people suffering from anxiety may not easily accept the required diagnosis and there by the cures that are offered to them.” (“How To Win Your War Against Stress”) This is a tough situation where anxiety disorder can take a person to a deep state of depression and there by lead them to suicidal thoughts.

The coining of the phrase ‘Anxiety Symptoms Relief Disorder’ is to make all understand that there are many people who go through this anxiety disorder and thereby creates a feeling within them that hinders the curing of anxiety related problems. This is the situation where all those who suffer from anxiety disorder needs a lot of support from their family and friends. (“How To Win Your War Against Stress”) They should be provided with all the care and help from others and thereby make them feel that they are not alone, and this would help in an enormous way to tackle this and any other problems that may come in the way.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist

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