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Aerobics Warming Up There’s no doubt—you must warm up before you start running. Make it a habit every time you run to warm up. It is an important part of your aerobic exercise.

You can prevent unnecessary injuries. Many sports athletes know that they have to do this before every game or else they can risk being injured.

You are no different in that respect. Your muscles need to be loose before you start moving.

You can warm up your muscles for about 10 – 15 minutes and make them flexible. If your muscles are cold and you don’t warm them up, you will not get the output that you desire. You could also pull a muscle in the process.

You can do light cardiovascular exercises in order for the blood to flow through your body. Light jogging is another way that you can warm up before you start running.

Whatever you use for warm up exercises, they should be low impact and light, such as lunges.

Don’t rest after you have warmed up. Do some stretches so that you will keep your momentum going. You want to be ready to run right after you’re finished. Don’t overstretch your joints and muscles or you could cause injury to those areas.

Then you can start running and get into your exercise.

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