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AerobicsStep Aerobics This style of aerobics uses a platform that is elevated. This aerobics is exceedingly popular with a lot of people. You will exercise with music that has a fast beat along with steps that coordinate with the beats. You will find this kind of aerobics exercise performed at health clubs and gyms as a class.

However, you can purchase a step aerobics package and do it on your own at home.

The platform rises no more than a foot off the ground. The sessions are usually no longer than an hour. However, there are some half-hour sessions as well. How it works is you will step on and off the platform according to the beat of the music. There are diverse ways of stepping where you must use the platform.

You can burn calories using step aerobics. Your muscles will also get strong, and your metabolism will increase. The oxygen in your body will increase. Your heart will beat faster and build up stamina. Once your heart gets up to speed, more blood will be able to flow to your body.

This is a minimal impact exercise. You must make sure that you are doing it right, otherwise you could hurt your knees and joints. Whether you are following a video or an instructor, pay attention to every step. You should be wearing shoes that are comfortable and made to perform exercises of this kind. They should have rubber on the bottom that is not slippery.

If you have never done step aerobics before, please consult with your physician prior to starting.


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