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Aerobics – Other Benefits of Aerobic Activity Lungs – Doing aerobics can affect your lungs to where the muscles that are used to breathe gain more strength.

If you have any chronic illnesses, such as bronchitis or asthma, aerobics can help with that as well. These illnesses, along with emphysema, will help you to breathe better.

Aerobics also helps you to gain an advantage with oxygen for your lungs.

Heart – If you do aerobics at least three times every week, your heart rate will increase. Your heart will also be able to pump additional blood into your body. Your muscles will get oxygen at a quicker rate.

Muscles – Your muscles will gain more strength when you do aerobics. They also get larger, and your body will become leaner because you will have more muscle mass.

Your muscles will also increase in body fat so that you will have more energy. Your metabolism will increase due to the lean muscle, which results in you losing more weight.

Burn calories – Since aerobics is a fat burning exercise, you will burn more calories quickly. The more fat that you burn, the more weight that you will lose, hence the loss of calories.

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