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Aerobics A Few Tips to Remember

• Consult with your physician before starting any aerobic exercise program.

• Once you get all clear, start off with aerobic exercises at least three times a week and work your way up.

• Work to increase your heart rate so that you get more oxygen to breathe. Also, your blood will start flowing properly.

• Stick to realistic goals during your journey of getting fit.


No matter what kind of aerobic exercise you get into, it’s important to stick with it. You must be consistent however many days you are committed each week. It’s important to stay committed because you will eventually see results.

Don’t look for that quick fix where you can lose weight so quickly. Take your time and allow it to come off on its own. When you start out fast, you can risk injuring yourself, which will slow things down.

Don’t be in a hurry to start the first one you see. Evaluate yourself and know what you can and cannot do. Once you keep at it, you will see results that you will approve of.

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