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Wed. Nov 30th, 2022



AerobicsHow to Get More Benefit from Your Aerobic Walks Add more distance to your walking routine. If you walk more, your heart and breathing rate will increase tremendously.

Add more days to your walk. When you get accustomed to walking three days a week, step it up to four or five days. Once you get accustomed to that, step it up to six or seven days.

Start walking faster. You will get more benefits from doing that. You will also gain more speed and be able to walk for longer periods.

You can use hand weights during your aerobic walking. You can start off by using ½ pound weights. Using weights can help you to burn calories while walking at the same time. Once you get used to those, increase the weight size.

You can also use ankle weights. Ankle weights are designed for your legs. The help to provide increased strength to your leg muscles. They also work to sculpt and tone your muscles along with burning calories. You will get a lot of benefit from using them while you are walking.

Include a short run in the middle of your aerobic walking. Start out running with about 100 steps or so. When you run, your heart rate will increase, and your breathing will be faster. After seven days, increase the steps by another 100. Doing this can help you to get out of the same walking routine every day. It’s always good to add a twist in your exercise so that you won’t feel bored.

Eventually, you may want to have a change of scenery. Make some changes and walk different routes. If you can walk in your neighborhood, do that. If there is a nearby park, go there. Walking trails are always great places to do your exercise.

Don’t continue to walk the same distance. There will be some days where you can have shorter walks and on other days have longer walks.

If you can deal with inclines, try walking on some hills. Doing this can be a challenge, so make sure that you are ready for it. Alternate between hills and flat ground from time to time.

You can also listen to music while you are walking. If not music, then you can listen to audio books. They can put your mind at ease. However, if you decide to do this, be sure to be aware of your surroundings. You may not be able to hear or see everything that is going on around you because your focused on listening to the audio.

Aerobic walking can be more fun if you have a friend to go with you. Get a friend, neighbor or relative to join you. Having someone go with you can give you motivation and push that you need to go forward. Not everyone can get pumped to exercise on their own.

During inclement weather, find an indoor facility such as a recreational center, shopping mall or if you have a treadmill at home, you can use that.

The sooner you start your aerobic walking, the sooner you can start getting fit. Once you start walking every day, keep going. Don’t stop walking for a period of time unless you have become ill, and you can’t do it at the time. When you get better, start back again, and don’t give up!

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