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Aerobics Walking Equipment and Accessories In order to enhance your aerobic walking exercises, you will need: Apparel – Whatever you wear should be comfortable and lightweight.

You don’t want to wear anything tight where your skin cannot breathe. Clothes that are made from cotton are good to wear.

If you are a night walker, wear light clothing and use reflective tape if you are sharing the road with vehicles. They will be able to see you. Not too many people walk at night, but if you do, have a partner. It’s dangerous to walk by yourself when it’s dark.

Walking shoes – When you start walking, you want to feel comfortable. Your walking shoes should be lightweight and durable. Get a pair that have round heels and are breathable. Water resistant shoes are good if you are walking in various kinds of weather.

Using a pedometer will help you to measure your walking distance. It’s easy to use. You just program it and attach it to your belt or waistband.

Once you have finished walking, you will know how long you have walked for that time period.

While you are walking, you should find out what your target heart rate is. It’s important to know that so that you can either increase or decrease how fast you walk. There are several accessories you can use for that purpose:

• Ankle weights
• Hand weights
• Wrist weights

To calculate your heart rate, you would take your age and remove that number from 220. Then you would take the difference and multiply it by the percentage you are looking to shoot for.

Increasing Aerobic Walking

The more that you walk, the more that you will get fit. So, this means you will have to eventually start walking every day. Make it a habit and gradually work your way up to that point.

Stick with the 150 minutes or so per week. As you continue at that pace, you can work your way for up to 45 minutes or an hour per week.

Keep up with your progress. Make daily readings of your aerobic walks. You will see how far you have come since you started. Once you see your numbers looking the same, you will know that it is time to make some adjustments to your fitness routine.

Once you start making strides, reward yourself. Some people go out to eat when they have reached an achievement. Some say you should skip the food. If you’re not careful, you can overeat or eat the wrong food.

More rewarding things that you can do are go shopping for yourself, go to a movie, or get your nails done or a massage. These are worthy of rewards.


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