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AerobicsBouncing As you run, try to avoid bouncing. If you move up and down too much, you have used up energy that you did not need to use.

The lower portion of your body can be affected by this movement. The higher up you are, the more shock that is sucked in as you land on the ground.

This results in you and your legs getting tired faster than they need to be.

In order to cut the bouncing down to a bare minimum, do some light running and when you land, land on your feet softly. Your feet should be low to the ground level and using brief strides.

Your arms should still be at a 90-degree angle and bent. When you swing them, the swing should be shorter and lower.

Don’t run on your toes. Running on your toes can contribute to bouncing.

Keep A Log

In order to keep up with your progress, have a log where you can write down the information. Keeping up with this log will help you to see where you are and where you could be.

It can be considered as a motivational tool to keep you going. Make sure to keep up with all dates, times and miles. Also, write some comments about that day’s exercise.

Start Out Slow

When you start running, don’t try to be like the NASCAR drivers and take off running. Start off slowly and work your way up. Starting out fast does nothing for you except giving you exhaustion and soreness that you don’t need.

When you do too much in the beginning, you can also incur unnecessary injuries. Do everything gradually and you will get to your destination.

Running will be more fun for you if you don’t get ahead of yourself, ending up with stress and injuries.


If you are used to running whether it’s hot or cold, make sure that you are properly dressed. Having the right clothing makes a difference when you are exercising.

You need to feel comfortable while you are running. If the weather is so rough and you can’t do it outside, then find an inside gym where they have running facilities.

Running For Fun

Even though you are running to get fit, don’t make it as though it’s such a dreadful chore. You want to have fun and be able to release some steam from people or events that rattled you.

You also want to improve your health. If you are running outdoors, take in some of the scenery that you would otherwise not get to see.


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