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Advantages of Being Vegetarian Tips for A Vibrant Vegetarian Holiday Filled with Variety

Advantages of Being Vegetarian Tips for A Vibrant Vegetarian Holiday Filled with Variety

Advantages of Being Vegetarian Tips for A Vibrant Vegetarian Holiday Filled with Variety planning a beautiful yet nutrient-dense, delicious holiday meal for both your meat eating and vegetarian guests can be a little daunting at first, but it can also bring out your creativity! Many side dishes you make can be easily made vegetarian, with minor differences in taste. (“Nurs – lauralandons.tumblr.com”)

The first step in planning accordingly would be to find out which of your guests are vegetarian, and what kind of vegetarian they are. Do they eat eggs or cheese? (“Nurs – lauralandons.tumblr.com”) If so, you will have a few more possibilities. If they do not, that is okay, you will still have plenty of options to work with. If you are new to the vegetarian lifestyle and are not sure where to start, ask for some input or help from your vegetarian guests. (“Nurs – lauralandons.tumblr.com”) They may have some great recipe ideas, shortcuts, or simple tricks of the trade they can share with you to make your holiday meal preparation go smoothly.

For instance, you can substitute vegetable broth for chicken broth, or simply leave the meat or meat dripping out of vegetables and soups. This will also cut down on the fat content. It is also quite simple to divide some of the dishes, making one portion meatless, using the same vegetarian ingredients just mentioned. (“VEGETARIAN HEALTHY WAY”)

Most importantly, keep in mind that the holidays are about peace, love, and understanding. Please try not to be judgmental about what people you love choose to eat if you are not vegetarian yourself. Support your family member or friend’s choice to eat vegetarian. (“How to Become a Vegetarian”) Seize the opportunity to gain experience from them. Incorporate ideas from a vegetarian lifestyle into your own to ensure your family is eating a variety of nutrient-dense, delicious fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, and nuts at every meal.

Veggies Take Center Stage on Your 4th Of July Cookout

Your annual 4th of July cookout is quickly approaching. Whether you are expecting vegetarian guests, you have newly transitioned to vegetarianism yourself, or you would just like to incorporate more meatless recipes to give some variety to your cookout menu, there are all kind of ways to prepare meatless options. (“Celebrating the 4th of July – Bella Vista Online Mall”)

Before beginning, remember that most vegetarian foods are more fragile than meat, and do not contain as much fat. Therefore, clean, and well-lubricated grill is essential to successfully grilling vegetables. It would be a shame for those beautifully grilled peppers to stick to the grill! (“NEW PLR – “Barbecuing Made Easy Plr Autoresponder Email …”)

Traditionally, vegetables have been considered a side dish in most meals, but at a cookout they can take center stage as the entrée. Almost any kind of vegetable is great for grilling. Complement your meal by serving them over pasta, rice, or polenta. You can also make them into extraordinary sandwiches with soy-based cheese and some freshly baked rolls or bread. (“How to Become a Vegetarian”)

Cut the vegetables lengthwise into thin slices in the case of zucchini and eggplant, or into thick rings, in the case of onions, tomatoes and peppers. If you would rather have your veggies in handy bite-size pieces for serving with pasta and the like, try using a special pan for the grill with small holes that keep the veggies from falling through the grill and being lost. And the easiest way to grill vegetables on the grill is shish-ka-bob style! (“Celebrating the 4th of July – Bella Vista Online Mall”)

Do not forget to balance out those grilled vegetables with some fresh fruit salads, perfectly chilled and juicy. Watermelon, strawberries, grapes, and citrus fruits all complement one another well in a delightful fruit salad prepared with non-dairy whipped cream. Also use fruits to experiment with some fun smoothies and slushies for the kids – they are fun and better for them than sugary sodas. (“Celebrating the 4th of July – Bella Vista Online Mall”)

Tips For a Tasty Vegetarian Thanksgiving

If you are hosting Thanksgiving at your house and are expecting vegetarian guests this year, do not worry about preparing one large meat-eating meal, and another separate vegetarian meal. Most vegetarians do not require a ‘meat equivalent’ at Thanksgiving. (“VEGETARIAN HEALTHY WAY”)

Yes, traditionally Thanksgiving is about food. But more importantly it is about family, togetherness, happiness, and peace. “And if this is your first Thanksgiving after transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle, try some of these ideas to incorporate healthy food preparation into your meal that your vegetarian guests, and you as host, will be thankful for this Thanksgiving:” (“sadistically”)

Bake some stuffing outside of the turkey.

Make a small portion of vegetarian gravy.

“- Keep cooking utensils separate to prevent “cross-contamination” between meat foods and vegetarian foods.” (“Being A Vegetarian During Thanksgiving – Streetdirectory”)

“- When recipes are adaptable, use substitutions like vegetarian broth, soy margarine (the formulations without whey are suitable for vegans), soy milk, and kosher marshmallows which are made without gelatin.” (“How to Become a Vegetarian”)

“- Use vegetable oils instead of animal fats for frying, and vegetable shortening like Crisco for pie crust.” (“How to Become a Vegetarian”)

“- Read ingredients lists carefully on pre-packaged foods, being aware of terms like gelatin, whey, and “natural flavors” that can be animal-derived.” (“VEGETABLES BENEFITS”)

Prepare plenty of vegetable and fruit side dishes but leave them plain. (“VEGETABLES BENEFITS”)

“- Offer plenty of breads, beverages, fresh fruits, and non-gelatin desserts, which are suitable without modification for most vegetarians.” (“How to Become a Vegetarian”)

Invite your vegetarian guest to prepare a “Tofurky” or vegetarian ‘turkey equivalent’ entrée to share with you the rest of your guests, or if you are hosting Thanksgiving, prepare a small one. Your meat-eating guests might just be curious enough to want to try it! (“VEGETARIAN HEALTHY WAY”)

Ask your vegetarian guest for help, tips, or recipes that would complement their vegetarian choice. You may find that your guest offers to help in the kitchen or bring a dish from home. Please do not take a dish from home as an insult to your cooking; take it as a desire to share traditions at Thanksgiving. Even meat-eating homes can benefit from a healthy, nutrient-dense vegetarian recipe idea any time of the year! (“How to Become a Vegetarian”)

“- Most importantly – make TONS of new, delicious (not overly cooked) vegetables that are perfectly in season like squashes, sweet potatoes, and green beans, etc.” (“veg diet 20120”)

Remembering The Reasons for A Vegetarian Season

Christmas is a season of peace, love, and harmony. It is a time that brings families and friends together to reconnect and find comfort and happiness being together. It is also about respect for fellow man, appreciating and embracing one another’s differences. Take some time over the holiday season to reflect on the reasons for your choice to become vegetarian and enforce your commitment and dedication to the vegetarian lifestyle. What reason, or reasons, helped you decide that vegetarianism was the right choice for you. (“How to Become a Vegetarian”)

Was it Economic? A meat-based diet can be expensive. “Fresh produce bought in season can be very affordable, and can be prepared (dried, canned, frozen) so that it can be enjoyed later in the season.” (“Remembering the Reasons for a Vegetarian Season – Seniors …”)

Was it Ethical? “Did you choose not to eat meat because the meat processing techniques are incredibly cruel to animals?” (“How to Become a Vegetarian”) Do some research on the internet or the library, visit the PETA website, and you are highly likely to find more credible reasoning that affirms your choice.

Was it Environmental? A vegetarian lifestyle is more environmentally friendly – large ranching operations cause topsoil erosion, coyotes and other natural predators are destroyed routinely to protect herds of cows which are only slaughtered anyway later, and commercial fishing operations are damaging the ocean’s ecosystems.

Was it to Improve Your Health? Eating a vegetarian diet has been shown to be an extremely healthy lifestyle, as it helps fight heart disease, reduces cancer risks, lowers cholesterol, helps lower blood sugar, and reverse the effects of diabetes, lowers the obesity risk, and reduces the risk of osteoporosis, as meat consumption has been shown to promote bone loss.

And remember just because it is Christmas, it does not mean you cannot enjoy many of the same wonderful holiday treats you have become accustomed to, if they are prepared with your vegetarian lifestyle in mind. Bread, cookies prepared with vegetable shortening, egg substitutes, whole grain flour and soymilks, numerous choices for vegetable dishes and salads can all be enjoyed by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike during the holiday! So, remember the reason for the season, reaffirm your reasoning for your life choice, and be proud of it, and of yourself. (“How to Become a Vegetarian”)

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