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Advantages of Being Vegetarian Spirituality

Advantages of Being Vegetarian Spirituality

Advantages of Being Vegetarian Spirituality how do you feel spiritually when you eat a meal that contains meat? You have never given it any thought, but that may be because spiritually you feel nothing after eating a meal of meat except tired and sluggish. A diet of meat makes our bodies less functional, and we think of nourishing our bodies in terms of our organs and blood, but we do not often think about how what we eat can impact the most important organ in our body, the brain. (“How do you feel spiritually when you eat a meal that …”)

When you eat a vegetarian diet, you begin to feel physically lighter and fit. When your body is fit, your mind is also lightened. Most cultures that focus more on spirituality and enlightenment are also vegetarian cultures. From the beginning of recorded history, we can see that vegetables have been the natural food of human beings. (“20 Spirituality – Chef Asili”) Early Greek and Hebrew myths all spoke of people originally eating fruit. Ancient Egyptian priests never ate meat. Many great Greek philosophers such as Plato, Diogenes, and Socrates all advocated vegetarianism. (“Meat and Spirituality”)

In India, Shakyamuni Buddha emphasized the importance of Ahimsa, the principle of not harming any living things. “He warned His disciples not to eat meat, or else other living beings would become frightened of them.” (“The Dharma Disco – Blogger”) Buddha made the following observations: “Meat eating is just an acquired habit. In the beginning we were not born with a desire for it.” “Flesh eating people cut off their inner seed of Great Mercy.” (“Meat and Spirituality”) “Flesh eating people kill each other and eat each other … this life I eat you, and next life you eat me … and it always continues in this way. “How can they ever get out of the Three Realms (of illusion)?” (“The Dharma Disco”)

“These are cultures that are considered more enlightened and focused more on spirituality than Western culture.” (“How do you feel spiritually when you eat a meal that …”) If we are to evolve into more spiritual beings, then we must begin to manage our physical lives in a way that will enhance our spirituality, and this means taking the path of vegetarianism as a path to enlightenment.

Transition Family

If you are considering moving to a vegetarian diet as an adult, you want to pass on this good nutrition and improved way of eating to your family as well. In fact, it is your responsibility as a parent to nurture your children and help them develop physically, mentally, and spiritually. (“How To Switch To Vegetarian Diet? – PrCvir”)

But that can be hard to do, especially in a culture where our children are bombarded with messages from fast food restaurants in the media. How do you teach kids to resist the siren song of Ronald McDonald? There is not a plate of vegetables on the planet that is going to look as good to them as a Happy Meal! (“Living a Vegetarian Lifestyle | Learn How to Look Better …”)

You must start slowly to change not only your own eating patterns, but your family’s as well. Like any other dietary endeavor, it starts at the grocery store. Begin stocking the refrigerator with healthy snacks like apples and carrots. Exchange good, chewy brown rice for white rice and processed side dishes, which are so high in fat and sodium. Make meat portions smaller and smaller and start incorporating more vegetables and grains in your family dinners. (“How To Switch to Vegetarian Diet? – PrCvir”)

Do not make changes all at once. If you do give in and stop at a fast-food restaurant, get fruit or yogurt in addition to or part of that meal. Make the changes so gradual that they will never notice their diets are changing. Kids are usually very sympathetic about animals, and it is not too early to talk to them about eating in a way that is not cruel to animals. (“Living a Vegetarian Lifestyle | Learn How to Look Better …”)

You will be doing them a favor that will last them a lifetime. (“Living a Vegetarian Lifestyle | Learn How to Look Better …”) With childhood obesity at epidemic levels in the U.S., you will be setting up your children for lifelong eating habits that will help ensure a long and healthy life.


When people talk about detoxification and cleansing the body of harmful toxins, it is often seen as a fringe element of vegetarians. (“What happens when you stop eating meat – Yoga Healing Tree”) People really do not like to think about harmful toxins building up in their colons or in their arteries, but it is often a by-product of a carnivorous diet. A diet that is high in fat and processed foods tends to slow down our digestive systems, and our elimination processes are also interrupted. (“Detoxification”)

This can allow harmful bacteria and toxins to accumulate and can create a general feeling of sluggishness, as well as a host of digestive disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome or colitis. When we begin eating a healthier vegetarian diet, we start to get more dietary fiber into our systems, and suddenly, our digestive systems start to work better, (“Body Detoxification – Ecology Green World”)

When you eliminate high-fat meat and processed foods from your diet, then much of your body’s energy is freed from the intense work of digesting these foods. Everything becomes clearer – your blood, your organs, your mind. You start to become more aware of the toxic nature of the food you had been eating before. (“Body Detoxification – The Detox Specialist”)

Toxicity is of much greater concern in the twentieth century than ever before. There are many new and stronger chemicals, air and water pollution, radiation, and nuclear power. (“Body Detoxification – Ecology Green World”) We ingest new chemicals, use more drugs of all kinds, eat more sugar and refined foods, and daily abuse ourselves with various stimulants and sedatives.

“The incidence of many toxic diseases has increased as well.” (“Body Detoxification – The Detox Specialist”) Cancer and cardiovascular disease are two of the main ones. Arthritis, allergies, obesity, and many skin problems are others. In addition, a wide range of symptoms, such as headaches, fatigue, pains, coughs, gastrointestinal problems, and problems from immune weakness, can all be related to toxicity. When you start a vegetarian eating plan, your body eventually cleanses itself of the harmful effects of these toxic foods. (“Body Detoxification – Ecology Green World”)

Advantages of Being a Vegetarian

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