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Advantages of Being Vegetarian Eliminate Red Meat

Advantages of Being Vegetarian Eliminate Red Meat

Advantages of Being Vegetarian Eliminate Red Meat if you are thinking of changing to a vegetarian diet, how do you start? Do you just start shopping in the produce aisle of the grocery store? “You might have some anxiety attached to this change as well, and this is understandable.” (“Vegetarian Diet Eliminate red meat – The Health Success Site”)

Try to think of this as adding to your dietary habits, rather than a drastic change. If your diet has consistently included red meat, you can start substituting other foods for the red meat. Or eliminate the most processed and high-fat meats first, such as bacon and hamburgers. Certainly, try to eliminate fast food burgers, which have such a high fat and sodium content. If you think you will miss the taste of bacon in the morning, try substituting a turkey or vegetable-based bacon substitute. (“The Secret to Being a Vegetarian – For Non-Dummies”) It will not be the same, but you will not be giving up the foods you are used to all at once.

If you have had a health scare and feel the need to change everything at once, make sure you include a lot of variety in the foods you buy as you begin to discover new flavors and textures that you would like to replace the ones you are used to eating. If you do not need to make a dramatic change all at once, you will have a much greater chance of long-term success if you take it slow. (“The Secret to Being a Vegetarian – For Non-Dummies”)

“Reduce the amount of red meat that you eat on a weekly basis, even if it means substituting pasta with marinara sauce for meat just one night a week.” (“Omerald/Articles/Healthy reasons to eliminate red meat and …”) Increase the amounts of fruits and vegetables you eat. Start with raw vegetables at night before dinner so you are not so hungry when you get to the main meal. Start reversing the proportions of meat and vegetables and make meat a side dish, with vegetables and grains, your main course. (“How To Switch to Vegetarian Diet? – PrCvir”)

We are creatures of habit and resistant to change. Therefore, so many diets fail because we make drastic changes to facilitate dramatic results, quickly. (“How To Switch to Vegetarian Diet? – PrCvir”) This is a decision and a change you want to make for a lifetime. “Make it a natural and gradual change and you can look forward to many more years of healthy living.” (“Green Informations | Health | Technology | Marketing”)

Eliminate Poultry

If you have not been eating a vegetarian diet for years, and want to make the shift, it is best to do so gradually, in stages. An effective way to start is to eliminate red meat and substitute fish or poultry for the red meat you have been eating. (“How Long Does It Take to Digest Red Meat – Streetdirectory”) While it is not eating more vegetarian, you are at least eliminating the biggest offender in disease-enhancing foods, red meat.

After you have successfully eliminated red meat, then start reducing the number of poultry you eat. While it is not as bad for you as red meat, because it is not as high in fat, it is still meat that has been raised on a farm in terrible, cramped, and inhumane conditions. (“Vegetarian Paradise”)

Poultry is so laden with growth hormones and antibiotics that is it is nothing like a chicken or turkey that we might have hunted for food centuries ago. Chickens are raised in horrible conditions, overfed, and then slaughtered. In the grand scheme of things, it is just as detrimental to our physical and spiritual health as eating red meat. (“Vegetarian Paradise”) It is also easy to eliminate poultry from our diets because let us face it – it is like eating wood pulp, it is so tasteless. All the antibiotics and abnormal living conditions have processed any natural flavor that poultry ever had in the first place.

Add more fish and seafood, if you are not ready to replace poultry with grains, vegetables, and legumes yet. While there is risk in eating fish and seafood, because of the elevated levels of mercury they contain, it is a better alternative to poultry and red meat. (“Vegetarian Paradise”)

“This may be as far as you ever get in moving towards vegetarianism, or at least eliminating meat from your diet.” (“How To Switch to Vegetarian Diet? – PrCvir”) Give yourself time to get used to this. You will not miss poultry for a minute. We usually eat chicken and chicken breasts because they are lower in fat and calories, but they are also lower in nutritional value.

When we are not getting essential proteins and vitamins, we are still starving our bodies, regardless of how healthy we think we are being. “Eliminating poultry is one of the most positive steps you can take towards a healthy diet and a healthy planet.” (“Eliminate Poultry | Healthy Weight Loss Tips”)

Eliminate Seafood

It is easy to eliminate red meat and poultry from our diets. (“(PDF) Revealing Obscurity: A Linguistic-conceptual …”) When you give any thought whatsoever, the reasons are so compelling to stop eating them. Your reasons may be physical because you need to lower your cholesterol or blood pressure. (“How To Switch to Vegetarian Diet? – PrCvir”)

You may want to reduce your risk of cancers that may run in your family and eliminating red meat from your diet is an important way to do this. You may also find that the way we mass-produce meat and poultry for consumption in this country is repugnant to you. (“25 Eliminate seafood – Free PLR Articles”) If we really thought about the way meat and poultry is raised, we would never eat the stuff again.

We are consuming flesh that has been produced from enormous pain and suffering. “Even the smallest life has value on this earth; mass producing these animals to slaughter and eat them degrades their lives and degrades our own in the process of eating them.” (“(PDF) Revealing Obscurity: A Linguistic-conceptual …”)

It might feel like it is carrying things too far to eliminate something as elemental as a shrimp or a scallop. But think about what we dump into the ocean, where this food comes from. (“(PDF) Revealing Obscurity: A Linguistic-conceptual …”) All our waste and trash get hauled into the ocean if it does not go into a landfill. Think of the millions of gallons of oil that have been dumped from oil tanker accidents.

“Think of the impact that the erosion of the ozone layer in the atmosphere has had on every living thing on the planet.” (“25 Eliminate seafood – Free PLR Articles”) There are toxic levels of mercury in fish and seafood, so much so that if you are a woman contemplating getting pregnant, you most definitely should not eat fish. Your risk of producing a baby with birth defects is extremely high if you do.

“It can be hard to let go of fish and seafood, because this has a similar texture to red meat and poultry.” (“Vegetarian Paradise”) It is flesh after all, even though it is marine flesh. It might take longer to eliminate fish and seafood from your diet but keep at the effort. If you have been realizing the benefits of eating more vegetarian, then it is really a small step to take to eliminate this last piece of animal flesh from your diet. Imagine how good you will feel about yourself and what you are doing for the planet when you take that last step and eliminate all meat and animal products from your diet. (“25 Eliminate seafood – Free PLR Articles”)


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