2612568276918. A Complete Book of Nature Cures

A Complete Book of Nature Cures


A Complete Book of Nature Cures – What, you may ask, is a public relations man doing writing a book on nature cure? The answer is simple: good health ought to be everybody’s concern, not solely the medical profession’s business.

More importantly, in my own case, I suffered immensely, for many years, largely due to the shortcomings of the modern medical system. In my despair, I earnestly began my study of natural methods of treatment and cure of disease, as also the ways and means of maintaining good health.

Putting the time-tested nature cure methods into practice proved so beneficial in my own case, that I took to studying their application for several other diseases as well.

What began as mere jottings was gradually expanded into full-length articles on the subject ” Cure Without Drugs “, several of which were published in “The Economic Times.

The readers’ response to the series was overwhelming and several of them suggested that the articles be complied in book form, to benefit more people. “Health the Natural Way ” was the result. This book as well as my second book titled ” Diet Cure for Common Ailments ” published three years later, was well received by the press and the public.

This fact coupled with the immense popularity of my articles on health, nutrition and nature cure being published in several leading newspapers and magazines, have prompted me to write a comprehensive book on nature cure under the present title for the benefit of the general public.

Experience, they say, is the most convincing teacher, and I would like to begin with details of my own case history as a means of indicating the major health problems that nature cure can overcome.

While doing my intermediate arts, at the age of 16, I contracted two serious illness – pleurisy and typhoid fever – simultaneously. Having run their course for about 45 days, both ailments left me so debilitated that I had to discontinue my studies for one year, on medical advice.

My recovery was gradual but not complete, as I developed heartburn and breathing problems. At 28 came the worst crisis, when I suffered a stroke in the early hours of an extremely hot day in May after acute heartburn throughout the night.


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