2612568276918. Overcoming Plateaus, The Atkins Diet
Tue. Jan 31st, 2023
Overcoming Plateaus The Atkins Diet

Overcoming Plateaus, The Atkins Diet

Overcoming Plateaus, The Atkins Diet “It is common to experience plateaus and stalls during Atkins’ diets.” (“The Atkins Diet – Overcoming Stalls in Your Progress”) It occurs repeatedly, but it is important to check whether you have come to the plateau point.

When you continue for a prolonged period, without losing any weight, it is called a plateau. (“Best Diet and Weight Loss Tips”) It is essential to make a note of your weight and your measurements, before starting a diet plan. In the first couple of weeks, you may feel that you have not lost any weight but a quick glance at your measurements may lift your spirits.


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