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Wed. Feb 8th, 2023
Atkins Induction Rules

Atkins Induction Rules

Atkins Induction Rules the initial stage of any type of diet is the crucial factor which decides the effectiveness of the diet. So is the case with the Atkins diet. Along with the food items that can be consumed during the duration of the diet, there are certain golden rules which need to be followed during the diet period. (“Getting Oriented with The Atkins Diet – Foods to Keep You …”)

In the initial stages of dieting, it is recommended to people to consume three meals per day of regular size, or five to six smaller meals is acceptable. If you tend to feel hungry very frequently, you can break your large meals into smaller segments. A vegetable and proteins diet would help in staying away from the craving to consume carbohydrates. Staying awake for a period more than six hours without a meal and skipping meals is not advisable at all. (“Getting Oriented with The Atkins Diet – Foods to Keep You …”)


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