Atkins Diet Basics

Atkins Diet Basics

Atkins Diet Basics has become quite an old trend now though it has become a recognized fact among the health conscious as well as the dieters.” (“Atkins Diet Basics – Issuu”) Dr. Atkins’s New Diet Revolution book discovered a whole new bunch of audience who had problems with low-fat diet plans. “However, we cannot say that everyone surrounded by this hype is familiar with the fundamental principles of this diet plan.” (“The Basics of The Atkins Diet – Getting Your Fundamentals …”)

Here are the important principles based on which the Atkins diet has been designed for giving best results. The theory of the diet deals with why fats get accumulated in our body. As per the study conducted by Dr. Atkins, too much consumption of simple sugars and carbohydrates would lead to weight gain. (“No matter what the publicity materials say fad diets will …”)


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