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100 Running Tips

100 Running Tips

100 Running TipsStretching Before Running. Stretching is actually different from warming up. When it comes to running though, it is not good practice to do some stretching prior to it.

What you should do instead, is to properly warm up for it. This can be done by walking at a faster pace, or through jogging slowly for a number of minutes.

Avoid the hot tub after a race.

After the race, it is quite normal to feel very exhausted, especially if it covers a very long distance. If you have a hot tub though, you should know that it is not a good place to relax after racing. The reason for this is that staying in a hot tub after a race can actually increase inflammation, and it can also stop healing.

The race is not the day to try new things.

Wearing brand new clothing, eating new types of foods, and trying out a new pair of shoes, are things that you can definitely do anytime, as long as it is not done during the race day.

Trying out new food items on the day of the race can get you out of condition. Aside from that, if you are going to wear something new, it might be too late to realize that it is not comfortable.

Drinking water on cups while running.

When you are in a race, you may find yourself picking up drinking cups at the stations, to quench your thirst. One of the challenges when it comes to this is when you are trying to hold onto the cups and continue running. To make it easier though, you can gently squeeze it, so that it folds a bit, which makes it easier for you to drink from.

When it rains.

Raining on a race day is actually very possible. Thus, it is best to come prepared, by watching your weather station for it. If bad weather is likely to happen, then you should bring plastic garbage with you. Such types of plastic bags is actually good to use as disposable raincoats.

Assumptions are not good.

When you are running, it is not good to assume that everything is in place, or all the people that see you know that you are running. Thus, if you see a car behind you, you should not assume that it can see you. What you should do is to run at a safer trail, so that you won’t get hit by it.

Safety on the road.

If you are running on a road, where lots of vehicles pass by, then it may not be a good idea to listen to music while doing it. The reason for that is, music can actually prevent you from hearing bikes or vehicles approaching from your back. Thus, always pay attention, and always run on the right side of the road to be safe.

Starting slow.

If it is your first time doing some exercises for quite some time, then running should be done on a slower pacing first. This is to make sure that you won’t put too much pressure on your body. Once you get accustomed to the activities that you are doing though, you can progress to something more challenging.

Double knot your shoelaces.

Double knotting your shoelaces just before you start running is a good safety measure. This is because, when shoelaces come undone while you are running, it can put you at risk of injuries. Thus, make sure that you are able to knot the shoelaces properly, in order to avoid accidents.

Set realistic goals.

When you set goals, it is very important that you set realistic ones. This is because, Goals that can be too difficult to achieve can get you discouraged, especially if you are not able to attain them.

Thus, make sure that the goals you set can be attained by you, since that can also build your motivation in achieving the more challenging one.

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