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10 Surefire Ways Cut Down Grocery Bill

10 Surefire Ways Cut Down Grocery Bill When /Where to Buy Groceries Best Deal

Many people are not aware how much out of season produce adds to their food bill. Buying seasonal fruits and vegetables can also help you save quite a bit off your bills. Before you buy any seasonal food items at your store, check to see if you can get them at a farmer’s market or smaller outlets that sell mostly fruits and vegetables.

You are more likely to find a bargain at these places than at your local supermarket.

How do you save money here? Buying direct from the farmer helps to cut out the costs that go into processing, packaging, distributing, and displaying the product at a grocery store. Locally grown produce can also be much more delicious in addition to being inexpensive!

Seasonal food items taste much better than out-of-season items and you can even store them in bulk with a little preparation. Freeze vegetables like carrots and peas or use fruits and veggies to make jams, chutneys, juices etc.

Stop by at a fruit orchard for seasonal bargains or shop at the farmer’s market on the weekend while running errands. You can also buy seafood directly from fishing boats if you live anywhere near the ocean. Another option is to trade money or labor at local co-operatives that have a large community garden.

10 Surefire Ways to Cut Down on Your Grocery Bill

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