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10 Surefire Ways Cut Down Grocery Bill

10 Surefire Ways Cut Down Grocery Bill Learn to use a ‘Price Book’

There are shoppers who swear by their ‘Price Books.’ Regular shoppers claim that they save at least 20% off their bill by using this strategy.

The idea behind a price book is develop your ability to detect real and sales patterns that you can take advantage of. A price book is simply a little notebook that a person uses to note down what they commonly buy and the lowest price for each item. It is simply the most practical tool you can use to make sure that every dollar is well spent.

Since you are now tracking prices, you will be able to compare them and stock up on items whenever you find a real bargain because now, you will be able to spot a real bargain!

Many stores use the strategy of marking up prices and then declaring a sale, which does not benefit you in the least. Keeping a little price book in your purse will help you identify the real sale items and figure out whether it is really a good buy or not.

Get a good small notebook and organize the page into several columns. For example — Date, Store, Item, Size, Price, Unit Price, Sale, etc. Jot down the regular or sales price of the item once you get home with the help of sales ads or your store receipts.

The unit price section is the most crucial column, since this helps you identify how much you are paying for each unit of the item regardless of its size.

The price book will also help you identify the right times and seasons for buying foodstuffs and the sales patterns of your favorite stores. Some meats and staple foods go on sale depending on whether they are in season, or the holidays have come around.

Keeping a price book will help you identify the best times to stock up on these items for the lowest price and come out a winner!

To recap, since you have planned your monthly menu, organized your corresponding grocery list with the quantities you need, have a price book in hand that helps you be aware of the best times to buy, you are ready to tackle the next step-Bulk buying!

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